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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Barnsley TSA Day 2 + Year 3 = Fabulous

I couldn’t be more proud of year 3 today, I was very impressed with them this morning, and I think our visitors were impressed with how absorbed the children were in their learning. Thank you Year 3 for helping me today, you really were awesome! I have had such a good day. Thank you to … Continue reading »

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Wintery Wednesday

It’s almost May but you wouldn’t know it with the weather. We had some sunshine, a little bit of rain, and some snow and hailstone! Do you think that stopped us having a good time? Of course it didn’t. We have spent time outside and in the cabin. Inside we were drawing pictures and writing … Continue reading »

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Freezing Tuesday

Wow! It really has been cold today but it didn’t put us off playing and learning. We’ve spent a lot of time today making dens and talking about which learning muscles we stretch when we are making dens. I saw lots of collaboration and perseverance, can you think of others? Year1 CW could tell you … Continue reading »

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Chilly Monday

The weather has been a little unsettled today, and it was quite cold. We  used the storm kettle to boil water to make hot chocolate to keep us warm. It was a good opportunity to chat with each other. I was pleased to see how children let each other talk.

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Fantastic Friday

We had some new members of our Friday afternoon group today but you would never have known it. Everyone got really stuck in doing lots of different things in the woods. The children from year 4 make me so proud. They are amazing role models to our younger children from daycare.

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Still a mystery

Year 2 tried to help me today. We were trying to work out, once again, what a goonie looks like. I have heard so many ideas over the last three weeks but still we haven’t come up with just one idea. Today was the first time that anyone had suggested that the goonie would be … Continue reading »

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Busy Thursday

We have had a very busy day today, it was busy yesterday too. Even though it was busy yesterday it was very relaxed and we even had chance to make hot chocolate. This morning our Rising Stars from daycare stretched their noticing muscles and looked for all sorts of bugs. Year 1 JJ stretched their … Continue reading »

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Stanley’s stick

Today we heard about a little boy called Stanley. Stanley had loads of toys but his favourite thing was his stick. His stick was kind of magical. It could be almost anything. We stretched our imagination muscles to use sticks for lots of different things . What could your stick be?

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Imaginative Monday

We have had a very busy day in the woods today. All of the different groups stretched their imagination muscles. It is brilliant to see how the children start with an idea which grows as they add new ideas. The children are learning how to listen to each other’s ideas, even if they are different … Continue reading »

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Scientific year 4

I really enjoy listening to the children telling me about what they are learning in class. Year 4 are thinking about liquids, solids and gasses. They will be exploring how these things can change. They told me sometimes those changes could be reversed but sometimes they were irreversible. In the woods we prepared some materials … Continue reading »

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