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Monthly Archives: April 2016

What is a goony?

This has been asked many times this week when we have been listening to the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo? Today I asked year 2 for some help. I thought they would be able to help me work it out. Once again we had lots of different ideas, but we still haven’t worked out … Continue reading »

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Stone Age thinking

Year 3 have started thinking about the  Stone Age. They were telling me that people in the Stone Age had to make tools from things they found. In the woods the children found things to make picture frames and tools. We tried to make string from grass but it snapped! How do you think we … Continue reading »

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Busy F2 KB

What a marvellous morning we had today.  The children played so well together this morning. It was fantastic watching how absorbed they get in their learning. I loved seeing some of the children spending a long time creating their models and telling their friends about them.

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Sun, hail and brilliant learners

I loved being in the woods this afternoon with Year 5.  We started the afternoon off in the new cabin and found out just how valuable it is going to be for our outdoor learning and forest school. After discussing  the challenge for the afternoon, the children planned how they were going to tackle it. … Continue reading »

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More Goonies

F2 SJ stretched their imagination muscles this morning to think what a Goony might look like. Once we got into the woods they were super busy making their models, everyone was so absorbed in their learning. It was lovely to see children chatting with their friends bout what they were doing.

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Little Rabbit Foo Foo

Today F2 AG and year  1 CW listened to a story about a rabbit who made quite a lot of wrong choices. The good fairy wasn’t very pleased with him and told him if he didn’t change she would turn him into a goony!  Little Rabbit Foo Foo didn’t listen and eventually the fairy DID … Continue reading »

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