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Monthly Archives: June 2016


Year 4 helped the children from Rising Stars to look for bugs. They found slugs and worms. Some of the children liked them a lot more than others.

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The Dummy Fairy says well done

We had a special visitor in the woods today, the Dummy Fairy came! Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and came along to our dummy fairy event. We are really proud of the children for giving their dummies or bottles to the fairy for the fairy babies. Good luck!

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Absorbed and blindfolded

Three different groups have been in the woods today. They continued the activities around noticing and collaboration, and once again we used the blindfolds. The morning groups worked really hard thinking of different adjectives to describe objects, this helped them to find their object later on. In the afternoon the children worked out that some … Continue reading »

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Woods, Fun and lots of learning.

Today we finished off a brilliant week of super learning with even more amazing learning. Our super learners today were from Year 2, Year 4 and our Rising Stars.  

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Thursday learners

Thursday was a brilliant day for learning in the woods. It was also a day where I was able to look at our learners and see how much they have grown through the year. I was so impressed with how awesome F2SJ have got at taking turns when working in groups, they are really good … Continue reading »

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Maths in the woods

This morning we had a visitor in the woods. Jane came along to join us and hopefully capture some photographs of our learning in the woods. She told us that the pictures might be used in a book about learning outdoors. So watch this space, we will be sure to let you know if any … Continue reading »

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Bat and Moth

Year 5 were thinking about their senses this afternoon. We talked about bats at the start, and discussed how they find their way around and catch prey. The children knew that bats have a poor sense of sight and so rely on hearing. We played a game, blindfolded, to see if we could locate a … Continue reading »

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Hot learning

It was nice and cool in the woods today but our learners were on fire. The children stretched their noticing muscles to try and describe objects that they couldn’t see. They had to use their other senses to explore the objects and then they had to find the object from a group of things. Look … Continue reading »

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